“Perfume is like a parenthesis, a moment of freedom, peace, love and sensuality in between the disturbances of modern living.”

Choosing a fragrance for a special occasion or to make you feel confident throughout your day is one of the greatest small pleasures of life. Faced with such an array of choices with little to no instruction on how to wear these fragrances, one can feel overwhelmed and wonder if you are using your fragrance effectively. The Perfume Library understands this and that is why we have put together the following points to guide you.


Choose a Fragrance Appropriate to the Time of Day

Just as you would wear different clothes going to a casual restaurant during the day to the fine dining restaurant you frequent in the evening, certain fragrances are designed specifically for wearing during the day or evening. Night fragrances tend to contain more base notes, heavier compounds and as a result have a longer lasting scent (base notes do not “evaporate” as quickly). A great choice of a night-time fragrance for a gentleman would be: Burton, while a nice choice for a lady would be: Julie. Musks and spices are generally associated with night-time scents. Daytime fragrances tend to be fresh, light and airy. Herbal, citrusy and light floral scents fall into the daytime fragrance category. A light fragrance for day wear for ladies would be: Libel, while a good choice for a gentleman would be: Samurai

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Don’t Over-do the Application of Fragrance

A common mistake is the over application of fragrance in an attempt to get it to last longer. A few sprays of perfume in key areas is more than enough to maximise on your fragrance while prolonging its shelf life. The areas you should be concentrating on are your pulse points. Pulse points are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin (inner wrists, base of your neck, behind your earlobes, and your inner elbows). These spots radiate heat, which help the fragrance radiate from your skin into the air. Another technique is to spray the fragrance at an arm’s length (distance is important) over your clothes. Be careful which materials you choose to do this on however, as fragrance can leave oil stains on the more delicate materials such as silk.

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